RSA Conference 2021 with the presence of Char49 specialists

For almost 30 years, the RSA Conference has been an important meeting point in the cybersecurity community to share, learn and growth. A space for innovation and partnerships where, from the 17th to the 20th of May 2021, another edition takes place with the presence of specialists in cybersecurity from all over the world.

In this year's edition, the conference will be attended by two Char49 specialists, David Sopas (COO) and Pedro Umbelino (Senior Security Researcher), this in partnership with Erez Yalon (Director of Security Research, Checkmarx), Luis Gomes (Global Head of Information Security, OLX Group) and Tanya Janca (Founder & CEO, We Hack Purple Academy, Community and Podcast).

David Sopas is a security researcher with more than 15 years of experience in penetration testing and vulnerability research. In the past he was acknowledged by companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Adobe, and many others. Passionate to share knowledge and inspire other people, Sopas is a regular speaker at BSides and had the honor to speak at DEF CON. He contributed to the initial draft of projects like GO-SCP and the OWASP API Security TOP10.

Participants in his session named "MindAPI - Bringing Organization to API Security Testing" will get a walk-through on MindAPI - an online mind-map that combines years of experience in API security testing. It's divided into two sections. Reconnaissance and Testing (Follows OWASP API Security Top 10 guidelines and other security guides). Get a tuned methodology, documentation and open-source tools to get help on the path of securing APis.

Pedro Umbelino is a Security Researcher and Consultant by day and a Hackaday contributor by night. He started messing around with computers on a Spectrum, watched the bulletin board systems being dropped for the internet, but still roams around in IRC. Known by the handle [kripthor], he likes all kinds of hacks, hardware, and software. If it’s security-related, even better.

Pedro Umbelino, Erez Yalon, Luis Gomes and Tanya Janca are challenged to share their AppSec knowledge from the perspectives of Red, Blue, and Purple Teams. In less than 7 minutes, each of them will share their insights on how their perspective is vital and why it matters. The session will then open up to discussion with the panel to cross-fertilize the ideas and provide some thoughts on what to do next.

The two sessions can be attended on the 20th, Pedro Umbelino at 09:45 (pacific time) and David Sopas at 10:30 (pacific time).

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