Char49 specialist Pedro Umbelino presents at PHDays 2021

PHDays (Positive Hack Days) brings the world's cutting edge in digital security to Moscow every year since 2011. Organized by Positive Technologies, this year's edition hosts more than 100 talks by more than 130 developers, security experts, and hackers from all over the world. Roundtables, both public and closed, bring together government figures, corporate executives (CIO/CISO), and top specialists from the banking, telecom, oil and gas, manufacturing, and IT industries. Globally renowned experts hold workshops and hands-on labs.

Pedro Umbelino is a Char49 senior security researcher by day and a Hackaday contributor by night. He started messing around with computers on a Spectrum, watched the bulletin board systems being dropped for the Internet, but still roams around in IRC. He likes all kind of hacks, hardware and software. If it's security-related, even better.

Pedro's session "Scorched earth: the IoT security landscape" addresses topics from communications to physical attacks, digging into firmware, cryptostorage, server-side and mobile applications - an overview of the IoT ecosystem security issues that reflect pretty much the current security stance of appliances in the IoT world today. He will talk about security cameras, smart vacuum cleaners, doorbells, and other sorts of devices that are becoming ubiquitous in our lives. A presentation driven by real-world examples of past and present research on how things have yet to evolve and the dangers of the lack of security scrutiny to the everyday user.

The session can be attended on the May 20, at 12:00 (GMT+3).

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