Char49 offers a wide range of information security services with total confidentiality and reliability.

Our experienced professionals have helped organizations to secure their assets, improving trustworthy

We are specialists in Web Applications security testing (e.g. websites, portals, applications, etc.) but with a well-established and solid partners network we can easily cover any scope. We aim to protect our clients assets, mitigating the impact of compromised systems and information leaking. We partner with our clients, sharing the responsibility to protect their assets.


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Independent security auditing is the best way to identify weaknesses. We offer penetration testing services (one-time-only or persistent) with required support to mitigate any security risks.


Every organisation needs a strong information security posture. We provide the necessary tools and services in establishing a channel to reduce the risk of data losses.


The human factor is still considered to be the primary risk in security. Our trainings empower organizations with the best information to defend itself against ever-evolving threats.


Char49 does real hands-on security

and not simply talk around security.

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RootedCON Portugal 2024

The RootedCON computer security conference was established to foster the exchange of knowledge among members of the security community. This year, it was held in Portugal for the first time on May 24 and 25, 2024, featuring our Principal Security Researcher and Co-Leader of the OWASP API Security Pr...

Are you attending OWASP Global AppSec Lisbon next June?

Either way, you may consider joining Paulo Silva, our Principal Security Researcher and Co-Leader at the OWASP API Security Project, on June 26th, for a whole day of hands-on training on API security.

"The Dark Side of APIs - the Attacker's Approach to Protecting Software" is a 1-day hands-on trai...

Guardians of the Gateway: Unveiling API Security Secrets

In today's digital landscape, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) serve as the connective tissue that enables seamless data and service exchanges between applications and businesses. However, with this great power comes great responsibility, as API security has become a critical concern. To ad...

BSIDES Lisbon 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of information security, some conferences stand out as pivotal hubs for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking. One such beacon in Portugal is BSidesLisbon, the premier technical information security conference. Now in its 8th edition, this community-or...